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Top Chef D.C. Episode 8: Epcot Center

What a week of reflection it's been, am I right? "And then Peagate happened." Get used to hearing those words, friends, because we are now living in a post-Peagate world. Where were YOU when Ed couldn't find his puree? I'll never be able to only-sort-of care about a televised cooking competition the same way again! Just kidding. Five sentences into making jokes about it and I'm out of steam. What a non-thing it turned out be. It turns out the judges don't know about it and not even the contestants seem to care. Why was this stolen pea puree controversy shoved down our throats again? While it's addressed in the opening minutes of this week's episode, the drama deflates instantly: Alex is cocky, Ed is confused. Well all right. Moving on.

Swedish/Ethiopian superstar chef Marcus Samuelsson, owner of the Red Rooster and winner of season two of Top Chef Masters, is our Quickfire judge. Kevin calls him one of the greatest chefs in the country right now, which is sort of true, but is Samuelsson actually cooking at any restaurants currently? Red Rooster's not even open. Maybe cooking is like boxing, and you only need to defend your title once or twice a year and also it's very corrupt and violent.

What's the point of having the chefs guess at a cuisine they've never had? >>

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