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Can Keith McNally Succeed Where Bobo and Pieces Failed?

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When the original Community Board 2 agenda was released last week, Bobo's Carlos Suarez was on the docket once again to obtain a beer and wine license (last time it was full booze) for the old Village Paper store space on 10th and Greenwich. Now, that item is gone, and word on the street is it's because the landlord has signed a lease with someone else.

The landlord told Eater yesterday that indeed a lease was just signed but wouldn't unveil the identity of the mystery party. However, other neighborhood sources reveal that the big gun is Keith McNally. At this point in time, this is just reckless rumormongering, as McNally as yet to respond, the CB has yet to add him to the agenda, and the landlord is keeping mum. If it is the man himself, will be be able to get his booze on where Bobo and Pieces have failed in the past? His operations Morandi, Pastis, and Minetta Tavern are well within CB2's jurisdiction, so they know who they're dealing with.
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