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All-Star Roster of Chefs Signed on at LaGuardia Food Court

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Thought the JetBlue Terminal 5 at JFK was pretty cool? Have a look at LaGuardia's Delta Terminal in three weeks.

Ever since January, word has spread about a new food overhaul at the LaGuardia airport from OTG Management that would include chefs like Andrew Carmellini, Michael Lomanaco, and Dom DeMarco. Now Flo Fab drops the full reveal, which proves to better than any of the speculations.

On August 21, the airport will boast a food court with a Di Fara spinoff called Tagliare run by Dom DeMarco's son and a burger joint that will serve Pat LaFrieda meat (but will not be owned or operated by Pat LaFrieda as the Times originally reported). It will also have Bisoux, a "French country bistro" from Minetta Tavern's Lee Hanson and Riad Nasr and Prime Tavern a restaurant from Michael Lomonaco.

In the next year, expect Minnow from Andrew Carmellini, Crust from Jim Lahey, Bar Brace from Jason Denton, and a cocktail bar and Jewish deli. All this on top of the Five Guys that just opened in the airport's main terminal.
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