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Inside Today's Shake Shack Upper East Side Soft Opening

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The Upper East Side Shake Shack soft opened at noon today and it didn't take long for the chain's infamously long line to form. By the time an Eater operative stopped in for a visit, the line was 15-deep, stretching from the register, onto the staircase, and ending just inside the door. The line moved quickly despite the use of only two of the three registers and the kitchen kept up with the demand. Bummer for you Shack fans who only want a custard, concrete, or shake as the C-line is currently not open.

There's still some construction going on, especially in the outdoor public space, but they appear to be cosmetic fixes so it looks like they're on track for a grand opening on Friday at 11 AM.
· Shake Shack Upper East Side is Soft Open Now, Now, Now! [~ENY~]

Shake Shack - Upper East Side

154 East 86th Street, New York, New York 10028 Visit Website

Shake Shack UES

154 East 86th St., New York, NY