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B.A.D. in the 'Burg Readies Opening, Drops Crazy Menu

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A few crucial updates on B.A.D. (breakfast all day), the new 24 hour brunch joint opening up in the old Passout Records space in Williamsburg: the exterior has been painted over, a dining room has been set up, Easy Rider and Kill Bill Volume 2 posters are hanging in the window — looks like she's getting ready to open sometime very soon. But most curious of all is the totally nutzo menu that's taped to the window, which features pretty much anything anybody could fathom eating for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some dishes, like the BBQ Shrimp Pancakes, seem to combine all three meals in one (a disturbing number of items also come with clam sauce). The full menu is below, let us gaze into the future of warped Williamsburg brunching.

B.A.D Eggs,$7.95, three organic eggs any style + side
Vegas Omelette — chose any two ingredients and combination wins + side
L.E.O. — lox, eggs and onions scrambled or omelette w/cream cheese + side
Machete — mac and cheese and eggs plus side
Bird's Eye — 3 holed out breads, filled with eggs then covered with chili and melted cheese
Ham and Asparagus Frittata — baked egg dish with cured ham and caramelized asparagus
Sunrise (huevos rancheros) — heated tortilla topped with eggs any style, black beans, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole
Desayuno Chimichangas — same as sunrise burrito, deep fried to a crisp
Matzoh Brie — crushed matzoh and eggs scrambled with grape jelly or brown sugar plus a side
Salami and Eggs — substitute pastrami, bad burger
Steak and Eggs — N.Y. strip steak and eggs any style
The Czar's favorite — caviar, scallions, omelette style

Pancake Attack, $7.95
(eight grain buckwheat, buttermilk, wheat free, vegan)
Marble Fruitcakes — strawberry banana, blueberry puree swirlled pancakes topped with melted fresh fruit whipped cream butter
Lumberjacks — extra thick pancakes
Banana Walnut — blended and chopped banana with chopped walnuts
Apple Walnut Cinnamon — caramelized apple, chopped walnuts with ground cinnamon
Godfather — sausage, peppers, and onions in virgin olive oil
BBQ Shrimp Pancakes— w/Thermidor sauce
Gad Bag — bacon, cheddar and scallions
Santorini Down — spinach, feta, chick peas and black olives
L.E.O. Cakes — thin pancakes with lox and sauteed onions, filled with blended cream cheese
Flapjacks Road Warriors (pancake wraps) — Large pancakes rolled with chosen side and wrapped to go

Breakfast Sandwiches
The Vegas — choose a bread, egg style and two adds. You can't lose.
Sunrise Burrito — eggs any style with black beans, rice, cheese, pico and sour cream, wrapped in a warm tortilla. Sides can come inside.
Bacon, Tomato and Eggs — the classic with eggs any style
Tortas fully loaded — eggs on a roll with beans and cheese and a muy caliente tomatillo sauce.
*Make it with French toast add 2.50

Make Your Own Waffle Bar
(Strawberry, blueberry, banana with ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream)

The Big Cheese, $6.95
B.A.D. Melt — jack, cheddar and mozzarella w/ham, bacon & sausage
Vegan Meltdown — one sidekick and two add-ons
Holy smokes — grilled vegetables, smoked tofu and mozzarella
*Make it with French toast add $1.50

Soups and Chilis
Black bean, corn chowder, mushroom barley, matzoh ball, chili con carne, veggie chili, white chix chili,
cup... $2.75 bowl... $6.00

Cobb — mixed greens, chix, bacon avocado, egg blue cheese. reg: $7.95 huge: $10.95
House — iceberg, romaine, radicchio w/carrot sprouts, onion, tomato... reg: $4.75 huge: $7.50
Waldorf — mixed greens, walnuts, raisins, apples w/crispy soychix or grilled chicken slices. reg: $7.95, huge: $10.95
Popeye — spinach, tofu bacon, grilled mushroom, sunflower seeds, and red onion... reg: $7.95, huge: $10.95
Caesar Salad — a blend of chopped romaine lettuce with a caesar dressing with croutons and anchovies or soychovies.

B.A.D. Sidekicks, $2.50
bacon, tofu bacon, Canadian bacon, chili, brown rice, French fries, home fries, hash browns, sausages, soysages.

All Day Entrees, $9.95
Mickey's Grilled Tri-Pepper Lasagne
Masco Clam Sauce and Sharp Elbows
Shepard's Pie
Vegetarian Pot Pie
Tuna Casserole

Small Plates, $2.95
rice and beans, clam sauce and elbows, one potato pancake, salami slices, bagel and cream cheese, one pancake, one meatball, one dog any style.

Potato Heads
hand cut French fries, baked, hash browns, sweet potato fries, $3.00
cheese fries, bacon fries, chili fries, $3.75
chili cheese fries, bacon cheese fries, mex fries, $4.25
shrimp and cheese fries, B.A.D fries (three toppings), $5.25
sweet potato fries, 3.00 w/marshmallow topping, $4.00

L.A. Shakers — vanilla, chocolate, strawberry B & W, reg $4.25, soy $5.50
Veggie Juice — carrot, beet, celery, apple, spinach, parsley, 8oz $3.50, 12 oz. $5.00
Smoothies — yogurt, milk, honey, banana, strawberry. reg $4.25, soy $5.50
Limonades 16 oz. — raspberry, mango, cherry, blackberry. Reg. $2.00, Flavored $2.75

Bad Burgers, $8.95 w/side and drink.
Bad burger, veggie grilled, herb rub, portobello, turkey, bad blend, black bean, salmon.

Ten Most Wanted
Vegas Burger — choose any two choices and pick your burger and bun
Bad Lands — chili, onions and cheese
Bandito Carne — guacamole, jalapenos, black beans and cheese
Bad Company — pastrami, pepperoni and salami
Bad Choice — chicken fried burger with bacon and cheese
Good Bad and the Ugly — bad burger, herb burger, Bad Blend
Portabello au poivre — portobello mushrooms in a creamy pepper sauce
Mikonos — olives, lettuce, cucumbers, slathered in hummus
Clam Up — pasta and clams with a white sauce
The Bad Burger — chicken fried burger wrapped in bacon w/blue cheese
*One is good but two is B.A.D. add extra burger ... $3.00

We Got Balls
(on a hero, roll, wrap or over pasta)
Hot and Sweet Meatballs
Mamacita's Abondigas Caliente — jalapeno, sliced mozzarella blend
Meatball Confusion — one of each ball
Faux Balls — a beet-based melange, slightly spiced

Bad Dogs
"Three Dog Night" — 3 hot dogs wrapped in a giant tortilla, guacamole, American & Swiss cheese, fajitamix
Lord of the "RINGS" Dog — yummy BBQ sauce topped with onion rings
The Bob Marley Veggie Dog (Vegan) — topped w/fresh guacamole, chopped tomatoes and onions
Swiss Dog — grilled mushrooms, mayo, one slice of Swiss cheese
Chili Dog — twin dogs in buns smothered in chili, topped w/cheese
Dog and a Soup — any dog and a choice of cup of soup or side salad


131 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211

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