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Juliet Caught In Smoking Crackdown, Shuttered For One Week

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Juliet is the latest nightclub caught in the Smoking Crackdown of 2010 and is being forced to close for seven days and pay a $19,400 fine in exchange for keeping its liquor license. The City's hot new inspectors caught Juliet patrons smoking five times over a four month investigation but the club's rep blame the patrons, saying "we can't always control when a patron attempts to light a cigarette." It's not really rocket science, so Juliet is probably selling itself short. Besides, when the party photographer posts numerous pictures of people exhaling smoke, getting blunted and with cigarettes in their mouth during a night at the club, chances are that Juliet really didn't care to enforce the smoking laws. Lucky for them the penalty comes during the slowest week of the year, so it won't hurt the bottom line too badly.
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539 West 21st St, New York, NY

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