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24 Hour Breakfast Joint to Replace Anarchist Record Store

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A tipster notices some interesting signage up in the window of Passout Records in Williamsburg, asking for kitchen help for a new restaurant going into the space called B.A.D., or “breakfast all day.” This is apparently the new project of a former owner and operator of once shuttered, but recently revived Mexican mini-chain Burritoville. Although a diner near the recently closed Relish, is not a bad idea, as history has proven, the 24 hour brunch concept can be a hard one to pull off. Also, that name.

Hopefully the new joint will have more to offer the nabe than Passout Records, which seemed to exist for the sole purpose of peddling rare Dead Kennedys 45s and marked up copies of Parallel Lines.



131 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211

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