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It's Whiskey Time In Brooklyn at The Whiskey Brooklyn

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The Whiskey Town and Whiskey Tavern family empire has expanded into Williamsburg with, wait for it, Whiskey Brooklyn, a whiskey centric bar and restaurant in the former tonic factory that is now known as 44 Berry. According to Thrillist, the design follows the old timey mode with "concrete floors, old brick walls, dark wooden booths", and offers shuffleboard tables and a separate video game room for those who don't consider drinking to be stimulating enough. The bar also offers up Hi-Life bottles, pickle backs and a full menu of bar snacks, including a mysterious Bowl O' Bacon. How can that be bad?
· The Whiskey Brooklyn [Official Site]
· The Whiskey Brooklyn [Thrillist]

The Whiskey Brooklyn

44 Berry St., Brooklyn, NY

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