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District 36 Is a Real Family Business

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A bit more information is starting to emerge regarding District 36, the new house music friendly club that is scheduled to open this September in Midtown. An inquisitive tipster found the pending liquor and cabaret licenses for the club and recognized the applicant's name, Damien Distastio, from when Damien and his mother Lynne tried to open a similar project in Soho in 2004. While that project was thwarted by the community, our tipster finds flaws in District 36's business plan, saying, "they want to attract the high end with their 'superior hospitality' and go for the lowend 'dance music enthusiats' at the same time. Everyone knows that always fails. The important people hate having commoners in the club and the clubbers hate seeing the bottles and models crowd and prefer dark rooms and loud music." The commenters agree. Maybe Damien should just go for broke and hire DJ Pauly D for a residency, and hope the rest takes care of itself.
· District 36 Continues Dance Club Revival In New York [~ENY~]

District 36

29 W. 36th St., New York, NY

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