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SLA Chairman Dennis Rosen is an Inspiration to Us All

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Put another notch in the belt for Dennis Rosen, the SLA's savior and best gosh dang administrator working for the State of New York. In his short tenure, the man has already attacked corruption, attacked the application backlog, proposed smart changes to the law, and improved the actual liquor license application. And today the SLA announced that it has "rescinded 1,592 outdated and obsolete divisional orders, bulletins, and circulars , , , in an effort to eliminate archaic and unnecessary policy directives, many dating back to the 1930’s". Feeling a bit confident with his past successes, the Commish called on the Legislature to follow the lead of 43 other states and give him even more authority to make changes on his own saying “New York State must follow these other states, or the SLA cannot but continue to be rightfully accused of standing in the way of economic development in the 21st Century. How could the agency do otherwise when it has limited tools with which to temper the mandates of an archaic statute which was passed in 1934 upon the repeal of Prohibition?” Poetic and powerful.
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