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Gansevoort Park Pool Parties Down, Invites The Neighbors

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Just ahead of Fashion Week, the Gansevoort Park held the first of what promises to be many rooftop parties last night, hosting an album release party for Katy Perry. An Eater operative who attended the event reports that the roof space was "very Midtown, with a surprisingly large pool area that is stocked with nice furniture." Unlike the Boom Boom Room/Le Bain, "the roof bar shares an elevator with the hotel guests", which probably saved some construction headaches but always proves interesting on a busy weekend. Our operative also reports that "there is also a new-ish condo building with all glass windows so the residents were staring from their apartments down at the hotel." They probably were wondering why there were a bunch of life sized Gummy Bears wandering around the party. According to a source, Ms. Perry is obsessed with little people, and hired a bunch to dress up in the candy costumes. Stars are so silly. The Gansevoort Park is scheduled to open as soon as it gets final sign off from the Buildings Department.
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Gansevoort Park

420 Park Ave. South, New York, NY

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