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District 36 Continues Dance Club Revival In New York

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The onslaught of fall nightlife openings continues with District 36, a mysterious new nightclub opening somewhere on 36th Street. According to the press release, D36 will "revive the tradition of classic New York dance clubs built for dance music enthusiasts" by focusing on the sound system, music programming and hospitality, all packaged in an intimate setting. To meet those lofty goals, the club hired Gary Stewart Audio to create the sound system, and has tabbed former M2 alum Lee Blumer to handle special events. But just where is it and when will it open? According to the Nokturnalist message board, District 36 is somewhere between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, and will apparently open on September 17 with DJs Adam Beyer & Ida Engberg. Combine this with the Sankeys opening, and you have a real NYC dance dance revolution!
· District 36 [Official Site]

District 36

36th St and 5th Avenue, New York, NY