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More Big Time Restaurateurs Eye Stable D.C. Market

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In an article titled "Washington looks tantalizing to New York's restaurateurs" the Washington Post argues today that more and more big time New York restaurateurs are expanding to D.C. for the cheaper rents and a more stable market. And they may have a point. In addition to restaurants that have already opened or already announced big plans to come to Washington—Shake Shack, Carmine's, The BLT Restaurant Group, Kellari Taverna, P.J. Clarke's— they also say that Bobby's Burger Palace, Stone Rose, and most surprisingly Hill Country and Luke's Lobster are on their way.

Brokers say it's because D.C. restaurants came out of the recession unscathed, while we up north took a big hit. Says one, "If you are a restaurateur and you're going to grow your business, you are pretty much tapped out in New York." Or maybe it can all be blamed on Top Chef.
· Washington looks tantalizing to New York's restaurateurs [WP]

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