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Chef Eric Hara Adds Agua Dulce to his Crowded Roster

In Cuozzo's rant this week, he complained about overextended chefs, noting that "Chefs are losing their moorings as they chase elusive glory beyond the kitchens that made their reputations." Referencing the news that Oak Room chef Eric Hara is planning two new restaurants in Astoria—one a "modern global café" and the other a 250 seat mega restaurant—he wrote, "How can this be, unless Hara both won the New York State Lottery and cloned himself in three?"

Make that four. Chef Ulrich Sterling emails in to say he is leaving Hell's Kitchen Latin restaurant Agua Dulce to pursue an opportunity in Peru. Taking his place: Eric Hara, who will also man the stoves at Carniceria AD, the steakhouse below the restaurant.
· Oak Room Chef Eric Hara Plans Two Astoria Restaurants [~ENY~]
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Agua Dulce

809 9th Ave., New York, NY