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Community Board Nightlife Meeting Produces No Results

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Last night was the much heralded Community Board 3 meeting to review the current licensing policies, and according to the reports, the night resulted in no real solutions to the neighborhood's perceived problem. As predicted, the night was more a rant fest for the anti bar residents, including one who moved from Eldridge Street to 1st Street because of late night crowds but amazingly did not escape the noise. Shock. There were some calls for an increased police presence, other calls for a stricter enforcement of the cabaret laws, but the night ended with no real solutions to fix the problem. Here's one of ours. Increase the price of a liquor license by 1000% and charge double that for a liquor license in areas where there are three existing licenses in a 500' zone. Take the extra money and funnel the money back into the community for streetscape improvements etc, and then watch landlords re-adjust the asking rents because of the higher costs of a business actually getting a license.
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