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Bon Vivant Diner to Reopen with New Name, Organic Ethos

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Over the last few days, EV Grieve has been keeping a wary eye on Bon Vivant Diner, a greasy spoon and staple on Broadway and 12th Street that appears to be closed. There's (kind of) good news and there's bad news, at least from the neighborhood nostalgist's point of view. The good news is the 25 year-old diner is not exactly closing. It's closed for renovations for a month. The potentially bad news for regulars is when it reopens, it will lose its diner atmosphere, have a new name, and focus on "organic foods," according to the owner of the salon next door. Despite all the changes, the restaurant will retain the same owners.
· No Sign of Life at Bon Vivant [~ENY~]

Bon Vivant Diner

820 Broadway, New York, NY