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Complaints Dept.: Bittman Gets Plastic Shards in his Soup

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New York Times columnist, famous cookbook author, and highly recognizable food personality Mark Bittman gets on the blog today to complain about a recent Midtown dining experience wherein he finds two large plastic shards in a small bowl of corn soup. He notes, "They wouldn't have broken a tooth, but they wouldn't have been pleasant to swallow; they certainly were not pleasant to find in my mouth." After pointing out the situation to a server, he is pretty much ignored. No sincere apology, not even a comped soup!

Bittman then asks his readers if he should have done something differently—caused a stink, marched into the kitchen, demanded freebies—and whether or not he should publish the name of the restaurant. Eater's vote: yes, please. The gravity of the story changes if it's some anonymous Times Square diner versus a big name Midtown giant.
· Some Questions for You [Bittman Blog]

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