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Is New York's Club Land Really Lacking Creativity?

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The most common complaint coming from nightlife veterans concerns the lack of artistic creativity in modern club land. Industry God Ian Schrager has said that clubs have become too homogeneous compared to his 70's haunts, while modern players remember 90's nightlife showcasing greater experimentation than the current scene. Of course Studio 54 was probably as great as everyone says it was, and who wouldn't want to stand next to a real life Club Kid wearing a Hello Kitty back pack at Limelight (besides us)? But just because every retired doorman thinks we are missing "creativity in nightlife", does it really mean it's true? More importantly, does anyone care?

Let's be honest, there wasn't much in the way of entertainment before 2000. New Yorkers lacked widespread internet access, relied on landlines to communicate, and still got all of their news from the morning papers. When you worked a 9 to 5 job, it meant sitting at a desk and actually doing work and not the constant checking of websites and social networking sites. Nightclubs represented a true escape from the daily grind, one of the few ways people could connect with similar "free spirits," and a chance to experience first hand the latest trends in art, music and fashion.

But the world is just a different place now. The same people who would have once longed to make a splash on the party circuit now find more opportunities through the internet or even through reality TV, outlets where people can get famous for being outlandish. Cultural trends from around the globe can be found online 24/7, and modern club owners have learned that throwing good parties and making a lot of money aren't mutually exclusive, so they no longer rely on the outlandish to turn a run-of-the-mill place into an A list venue. Nightlife spectacles are the exception and not the norm.

So while there may be less creativity in nightlife, it doesn't seem like anyone besides the old guard really cares. New York's nightclub generation spends their days at work and their nights spending too much money on drinks, listening to some music, and maybe meeting someone to spend the next ten hours with. That should be enough for everyone for now.
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