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Del Posto Gets Rave Review in Batali's Magazine Viaggio

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Say hello to Viaggio, a new magazine published by chef Mario Batali and Bob Guccione Jr. (founder of Spin magazine and son of Penthouse founder Bob Guccione). "[O]ur title has many meanings," wrote Batali in the introduction, "Our intentions are to cover, uncover, and discover the magnificent and tangy feeling of excitement and passion that can be part of all voyages."

Eater National has the full scoop, with all kinds of pretty images, but the most interesting piece in the mag to New Yorkers might be the stunningly bombastic profile of Batali's New York City restaurant Del Posto, penned by co-editor Bob Guccione Jr. himself. The first sentence: "Del Posto is an extraordinary restaurant." And continues: "It's extraordinary in size... It's extraordinary in its sweeping culinary imagination... it is unquestionably extraordinary in its ambition." That's just in the first paragraph, mind you. Later the restaurant is called "super elegant and indulgent," the food, "sublime," and executive chef Mark Ladner, a "genius."

· Viaggio, a New Magazine from Mario Batali [Eater National]

Del Posto

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