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Behold the BK Whopper Bar Featuring the NY Pizza Burger

In the hurly-burly neon buffet of Times Square signage, the new BK Whopper Bar is relatively understated. The Subway sign, for instance, has a lot of flashy lights. The Whopper Bar sign just is. The other day, tucked into a far corner of the second floor, Burger King Head Chef J Sullivan, a gruff Texan in a black chef's apron, and its VP of Innovation John Schaufelberger, a better looking version of Philip Seymour Hoffman wearing a Façonnable shirt, sat behind a long table with a black tablecloth. On top of this table were some of the new offerings. In one large pizza box shaped box lurked the by now-infamous New York Pizza Burger.

The New York Pizza Burger, edible chimera, is the Dangermouse of fast food. >>>

BK Whopper Bar

561 7th Ave., New York, NY