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Keith McNally Calls Steve Cuozzo an Illiterate, Low-Life Hack

Today in manufactured Keith McNally scandals, he sends us the following email regarding Steve Cuozzo's rant today about the lack of good new restaurants in 2010:

It's ironic that a gutter journalist (Steve Cuozzo) from New York's trashiest newspaper (N.Y. Post) should complain about the quality of new restaurants in Manhattan. If Cuozzo had an iota of integrity he'd write about the quality of the New York Post, not Manhattan's restaurants. But Cuozzo's an illiterate, low-life hack with the backbone of a centipede. If not, he'd be criticizing the abominable lack of quality on the pages of the New York Post, not the latest crop of restaurants to open in Manhattan.
We would just like to give a big thank you to KM for providing us with the late summer content we so desperately need. God willing, we can stretch this into a week-long controversy. It's a long two and a half weeks until Labor Day.
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