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NYPD Removes Woman From Starbucks After Stupid Fight

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Today the Post offers a bizarre story about a woman who was forcibly removed from an Upper West Side Starbucks for refusing to use the coffee chain's "strange vernacular." But this isn't a story about a customer refusing to say the word venti (though she won't do that either)—it's even dumber. She ordered a bagel and wouldn't specify if she wanted it with or without butter or cream cheese. Which, naturally, devolved into a screaming match and a call to the police:

"I yelled, 'I want my multigrain bagel!' " Rosenthal said.

"The barista said, 'You're not going to get anything unless you say butter or cheese!' "

But Rosenthal, on principle, refused to back down.

The "principle" she is talking about is respect for the English language. Which, apparently, the barista wasn't using when he asked her for her butter preference?
· Grammar stickler: Starbucks booted me [NYP]
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