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Midtown Breakfast Truck Could Be Yours for Only $50 a Day

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As we know, food trucks are the future of hip, urban dining. At least, that's what Tyler Florence says. But as totally awesome as owning a mobile restaurant sounds, the business side is full of many, many hardships, like acquiring an expensive truck and outfitting it with a kitchen, as well as going through the hell of getting the permits necessary to drive it through the streets of New York, head bashing rival vendors that steal your spot, etc. etc. etc. That is, until now.

According to a new job listing on Craigslist, the owner of an unnamed Midtown food truck is looking to rent out his mobile kitchen, daily, for breakfast between 5:30AM and 11AM, with the existing operation presumably taking over for the lunch rush. He'll help you with the signage, the menu and the plates and utensils, if you supply the food and are serious about making the morning restaurant work. Rent is negotiable, but if you've got "approx $2000/month which is around $50/day" and an idea for a roving egg sandwich concept, this could be your entryway into the thrilling world of NYC food truck operation!
· Rent Food Truck to Start Your Bfast Restaurant!! [Craigslist]
[Photo: the Desi truck, presumably not the truck in the ad]