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Bar Blanc Bistro Will Reopen as Lowcountry This Fall

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The West Village restaurant Bar Blanc Bistro (nee Bar Blanc) went through a couple of tweaks and overhauls during its slow death, including a redesign, a chef switch, and new name and concept rejiggering. But this time they seem to be starting fresh.

Zagat reports that it will reopen next month after its summer-long closure as Lowcountry. The owners, still Kiwon Standen and Didier Palange, have brought on Virginia-native William Sullivan to serve will serve southern fare (oh so very trendy right now). Sample dishes, according to Zagat include a bourbon-cider glazed pork chop and grouper with late-summer succotash.
· Lowcountry to Open in Bar Blanc Bistro Space This September [Zagat]
· Bar Blanc Bistro Closed for the Foreseeable Future [~ENY~]


142 West 10th Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 255-2330 Visit Website


142 West 10th St., New York, NY