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Baoguette 3rd Ave. Closed Until Labor Day; Gansevoort 69 Shutters for Good

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT—Here's some no so surprising news. The temporary shutter at Gansevoort 69 is actually permanent. Per the owners: "We failed...People who go to the meatpacking district today want to wine and dine...They’re not interested in ham and eggs at a diner. I think the diner thing has to go." [DJ]

GRAMERCY—The Third Avenue location of Baoguette is still closed. Michael Huynh tells us he's taking the slow month of August to renovate the place. He'll reopen it after Labor Day with the concept tweaked slightly. [EaterWire]

CHELSEA—A tipster writes in to report that Chelsea's vegan Restaurant Blossom is turning part of their vegan chocolate store Coco V into a vegan takeaway cafe, Blossom Du Jour. [EaterWire]

VIDEO INTERLUDES—Okay, the background music is a bit saccharine (maybe that's the point given the subject), but this behind the scenes video of the photo shoot for TONY's pastry chef spread is kind of fun. [TONY]

EAST VILLAGEVandaag the Scandanavian restaurant that opened the other week for lunch is now open for dinner. Meanwhile, Whitman's, a restaurant that was only partially open, has unveiled its lower level dining room. [AH; GS]


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Gansevoort 69

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