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LES to Brooklyn Exodus Kills Cambodian Favorite Kampuchea

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Grub Street reports that Kampuchea, a well liked Cambodian restaurant on the Lower East Side, is closing on Saturday night after service and will reopen in the fall as an entirely new, more casual, concept. The owner Ratha Chaupoly tells Grubz, "We were turning a profit...but for the size, for the rent, the style of cooking, and the type of staffing I’d have to do there in order to get good cooks and make a great profit margin, it’s just too much. We make a good profit margin, but it’s not worth it down there."

Not only that, he says much of his local LES clientele has left the area for Brooklyn! "The neighborhood is not as happening as I’ve seen it in the past. Instead of two nights now, it used to be four or five nights that were pretty busy."
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