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New Empire Diner Restaurant Scheduled to Open Next Month

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Following its teary shuttering in May it looks like the Empire Diner space is getting ready for its grand reopening as a yet-to-be-named project from the Coffee Shop team. Sources close to the restaurant reveal that the new project is shooting for a mid-September launch, and that the menu will be different from both that of the old diner and Coffee Shop. Think American food, with a more upscale focus and price point to match. The owners previously stated that they want to keep the space mostly as it was, and considering that the restaurant was beloved for years largely because of its design, it's a good plan to stick to. If they can nail a menu that's competitive in the pricey comfort food arena, Empire Diner 2.0 could be a hit with the neighborhood and tourists alike.
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The Coffee Shop

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Empire Diner

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New Project in the Empire Diner Space

210 10th Ave., New York, NY 10011