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Top Chef D.C. Episode 9: Restaurant War Is Hell (Is Great)

To thoroughly enjoy the glory that is Top Chef D.C., we welcome comedian Max Silvestri, who will be here every week to take us through season seven.


Hey Top Chef: How about a truce? Let's pretend the entire season leading up to this week's episode never happened. Let's pretend that John, the incredible Earth Mother with a living, breathing prehensile ponytail hadn't been eliminated in the first freaking episode. Let's just imagine we haven't spent eight weeks having to listen to words come out of Amanda's mouth. ("Sometimes I, like, see a fork, and I can't even think of how it is I am to use it?") This week is Restaurant Wars, a grown-up reality show episode, and every boring installment of Top Chef leading up to it this year was a juvenile when it sucked, so therefore its records are sealed. Welcome to the first episode of Top Chef! There are eight chefs, and it's time for Restaurant Wars.

The part in which I recount complicated arbitrary cooking competition rules. >>>

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