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Sexy Sexpot Todd English Plans Even More NYC Projects

Today the Post runs a sexed up profile of Todd English. Though it's mostly a puff piece about his ambitions that aggressively sells him as a sex symbol, there are a few good takeaways:

First, the piece mentions that he is planning new New York outposts of his restaurant chain Figs as well as a new restaurant called P.U.B. (Public Urban Bar). But also, "he’s even considering a 'hidden,' 'lavish' pop-up restaurant that would operate just a couple of nights a week.

But more interesting is how he explains away his failures. The Libertine situation was due to a crap economy. And the failure of English is Italian was Jeffrey Chodorow's fault: "Jeffrey Chodorow was my partner and he liked the name English Is Italian. I didn’t really like it. I thought it was stupid...I wanted to call it Senso Unico." It would have been a sure success then!

Of course the highlight is this line: "critics who fault him for his roving eye are perhaps missing the point. English has built his name on the strength of his cooking, his looks and his business savvy. And who in this age of reality TV can fault him for that?"
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