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Community Board 3 To Review All Liquor License Policies

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Last night, Community Board 3 sent out a meeting invitation to the residents and business owners in the district. The purpose of the meeting is to "review and evaluate changes to Community Board 3's existing policies and procedures guiding the Board's approvals/denials of all types of liquor licenses for establishments within the CB 3 district", and will also review the parts of the district that were previously designated "resolution areas". Does this mean that big changes are on the horizon?

Much like the Nightlife Town Hall meeting from earlier this year, these events usually never amount to much more than public ventings. The same neighborhood residents that dutifully attend the Community Board meetings will show up en masse to voice their displeasure with the current state of their beloved neighborhoods. The outnumbered restaurant and bar owners will show up to complain that while they try to be good citizens and neighbors, they still face an unrelenting uphill battle with both the board and existing rules and bureaucracy. Everyone will get their three minutes and then go back to the old system that makes everyone so crazy.

But it doesn't really have to be this way. The two sides could use this as a chance to fix a system that everyone agrees is broken, and then present it to the SLA and their legislation happy State Senator. Instead of creating resolution areas that are still filled with bars and drunks, the community could create rainbows. Doesn't that sound great? We'll have to wait until August 19th to see how everything plays out.
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