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Chick-Fil-A Hands Out Free Food to Mostly Apathetic Crowd

As promised, today the Chick-Fil-A street team — some dressed in full cow costumes, other simply in shirts with a cow motif — descended upon the plaza of the Museum of Natural History to hand out free fried chicken sandwiches to the first 300 people who showed up at 11 AM. When Eater operatives arrived on the scene — at 11:03 exactly —there was no apparent line, but there were several clusters of tourists munching on the free grub, some decked out in branded carboard hats that were also given away. At precisely 11:07, there was another big surprise: a double decker buss filled up top with more people in cow costumes, or cow-themed garb, who proceeded to throw cow pez dispensers at the people below. By 11:20 there were still plenty of sandwiches to go around. Maybe New Yorkers aren’t that excited about Chick-Fil-A after all? Either way, check the Twitter to see where they go next.
Update: There's more of a scene at Bryant Park.
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Museum of Natural History

79 St. And Central Park West New York, NY 10024