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Inside the Very Big, the Very Red Pan-Latin Nuela

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[Krieger, 7/8/10]

As mentioned on Wednesday, Nuela, the long delayed South American (that's as specific as they get, though the menu skews Peruvian) restaurant in Flatiron, opens on Monday with an extensive menu of ceviches, anticuchos, empanadas and more from chef Adam Schop. Click above for a closer look inside at space. Which is very, very red! And also, check out those big cloth exes. Muy sexy! Perhaps it's to evoke that Latino sabor mentioned in the press release.

For what it's worth a commenter says the place was "packed" for friends and family the other day and "people looked like they were having a great time."
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43 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10010 (212) 929-1200 Visit Website


43 West 24th St., New York, NY