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Sam Sifton's Ten Most Dramatic Closing Sentences

NYT food critic Sam Sifton likes to end his reviews with bold, powerful statements. Here’s his ten best:

10) "Sometimes the way to the top is to go straight at the middle." [Mia Dona]
9) "Authenticity, anyway, is almost always a lie." [Tanoreen]
8) "You are not in New York to play on the junior varsity, are you?" [Takashi]
7) "Resistance is futile. Obey." [ABC Kitchen]
6) "This is one incredible city." [Chin Chin]
5) "It tastes of magic and happiness." [Madangsui]
4) "It’s a restaurant to make anyone feel old." [SD26]
3) "It is difficult not to sound like Mrs. Cleaver saying so, but can you imagine what this young man could do if he straightened up his room?" [Fatty 'Cue]
2) "For a moment, all is right with the world." [The Breslin]
1) "But as Snoop once said on 'The Wire,' a stone-cold gangster making sense of the Baltimore night, 'Deserve got nothin’ to do with it.'" [Choptank]