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'Beat the Heat' with these PR Person Approved Cool Deals!

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The unbearable summer heat makes people do many things: drink beer, blow off work, blow off work to drink beer, etc. One thing it makes PR people want to do is send tips about all kinds of gimmicky ways beat the heat! Here now, is a handy guide to all the icy-cool deals to land in the Eater inbox in the last 24 hours:

Restaurant: Oceana
OCEANA’S 100,000th PUDDING POP!" Pastry chef Jansen Chan is giving away complimentary pudding pops to dinner guests.

Restaurant: Klee Brasserie
E-Mail Subject Line: Beat the Heat at Klee Brasserie
Details: "Chef Daniel Angerer of Klee Brasserie gives patrons the right amount of chill to stay cool during the hot New York City summer days with a new “Beat the Heat” menu." The three course $35 menu has items like cold soup, iced lemon cake, etc.

Restaurant: Rock Center's Rink Bar
E-Mail Subject Line: Lemonade Prices Drop as Temperature Rises at Rock Center
Details: "To ward off the heat wave and cool off the crowds, the prices on Rink Bar's lemonade menu will drop once the thermometer hits 90 degrees. For each degree above 90 the thermostat reads at 12 noon daily, the price of any lemonade will drop by one dollar for the rest of the day. If the temperature hits 100 degrees or more, the drinks will only cost one dollar until closing."

Restaurant: The Bourgeois Pig
E-Mail Subject Line: Frozen Fondue begins TODAY at the PIG , through Bastille Day till Sept!
Details: "The Bourgeois Pig, East Village’s favorite Fondue Haunt, celebrates the summer by “ letting them eat cake” and launching a “frozen fondue“ menu and a “frozen wine flight” for the summer months."

Restaurant: Magnolia Bakery
E-Mail Subject Line: Summer in the City: Stay Cool with Chilly Treats From Magnolia Bakery
Details: "It is HOT out there! With summer in full swing and temperatures reaching record-breaking highs, New Yorkers are craving anything that will keep them cool, calm and alert. When it comes to treats, ice cream may be the obvious choice, but I wanted you to know about some out-of-the box options available at all four conveniently located Magnolia Bakery locations (translation: you don’t need to walk far!)." Basically: ice box cakes and banana pudding.

Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014 Visit Website

Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10014

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