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Xi'an Famous Foods' St. Marks Place Location Now Open

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81 St. Marks Place, East Village
Status: Certified open

According to Fork in the Road, Facebook, DmanBurger and others, Xi'an Famous Foods, the beloved Chinese restaurant with locations in Flushing and Chinatown, opened its new St. Mark's Place space over the weekend. And no surprise, it's already packed. For those unfamiliar, the restaurant is known for its hand-pulled and "cold skin" noodles, its Bourdain-endorsed lamb burger, its stewed pork burger, and of course the lamb face salad. Please send all early reviews this-a-way.

Previous Reading: Plywood, 6/29; Expansions, 5/19
Further Reading: FitR; DmanBurger; Official Site.

Xi'an Famous Foods

81 St. Mark's Pl., New York, NY

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