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CB 2 Rejects No. 7 Team's Nolita Basement Space

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Last month, word broke that Matthew Maddy and his partners at Fort Greene hit No. 7 and its newish Ace Hotel offshoot No. 7 Sub were planning a subterranean 25 seat restaurant under an Elizabeth Street laundromat. Called Horses, the space was meant to be a fine dining restaurant about the size of Peasant's lower level bar up the street. Or maybe not. Community Board 2's full board unanimously rejected the plan, saying that they're worried the group will someday expand into the backyard, that the certificate of occupancy for the building does not include basement use, and that they didn't perform sufficient neighborhood outreach (the kissing of rings, the signing of petitions). With any luck, the No. 7 team will find a new space for their concept or somehow persevere and convince the CB that they won't single-handedly destroy the neighborhood.
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168 Elizabeth St., New York, NY