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Deathwatch Reprieves: Ilili, South Gate, Russian Tea Room

In preparation for the beginning of Shitshow Week 2010 on Monday, it's time to make some room on the Deathwatch list and hand out some long overdue reprieves. Currently on the list: Shang, South Gate, Ilili, Country, Degustation, Jack's Oyster Bar, Jewel Bako, Paris Commune, and Russian Tea Room. Currently in remission and moved off the official list for time served: Diablo Royale, Cercle Rouge, Barbounia.

Country it's fair to say is as good as dead. Shang stays on the list, as does the Jack Lamb trio and Paris Commune. Ilili gets a full reprieve because it's actually served pretty good food and seems to be doing relatively well. Two year Deathwatch vets Russian Tea Room and South Gate get full reprieves, the former because it's harmless these days and mostly for tourists, the latter because it survived the recession despite being expensive, and was the first restaurant in NYC with an iPad wine list. Diablo Royale, Cercle Rouge, and Barbounia are officially de-listed. Stay tuned for next week when we bulk up this list a bit. And always feel encouraged to send Deathwatch nominations to the tipline.
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