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Barcade Set to Make Its Jersey City Debut

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So, say you open up successful Williamsburg beer bar and video game parlour, and then a vintage bowling alley/dive bar combo — what’s next? A Greenpoint beer garden/go-kart track? An LES whiskey bar and foosball joint? How about an expansion of your original concept in New Jersey?

The Jersey Journal reports that Paul Kermizian, owner of Barcade and The Gutter in Brooklyn is opening a new location of his drinking/gaming concept in a large space in Jersey City. In a first for the nightlife guru, the new Barcade will feature food, and the bar will be supplied with wind power. Of the expansion to the new neighborhood, Kermizian notes:

In Williamsburg we are able to draw from a wide variety of people, both long time residents and young creative types, who may enjoy great beer or classic games, or both... I sense a similarly growing mix of people in Jersey City and it feels like a really exciting time to be opening.
Like the original, the new Barcade will feature classic seventies and eighties games, and a wide selection of local beers on tap. Construction has already begun on the space, no exact opening date has been nailed down, but things sound on track for a fall debut.

· Construction to start on Downtown Jersey City Barcade []

Barcade Jersey

163 Newark Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07302-2813