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Nightclub Whale Jho Low Finally Breaks His Silence

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Malaysian man of mystery Jho Low has finally decided to break his silence and discuss all of those rumors about his crazy partying ways. The Wharton grad and current richie tells a local Malaysian paper that while he does enjoy a night on the town, he isn't footing the bill for all of those six figure nights in New York, Las Vegas and St Tropez. For example, Low says that the $2 million dollar Champagne bill his brother rang up was really just "40-50 of us friends who ordered some drinks and had a good relaxing night". And he certainly did not spend $160,000 at Avenue, which Jho explains "was a party being thrown for a friend’s engagement which I was told cost around US$160,000. Left to me, I would not spend that kind of money."

Jho protests that he is the "concierge service that arranges everything" for his friends, which is why he gets all of the publicity, and technically that is true. He is the direct contact with many of the club owners who drool over his free spending ways. It's also true that these owners bend over backwards to make him happy and keep his business, which is why his table in the center of the club is always fully stocked with Champagne and tequila when he shows up for a night of excess. But while he isn't paying retail for every single bottle, Mr. Low is certainly not getting everything comped either. Guys like him are the club's profit center, so they can throw him some free bottles of booze that they bought wholesale and still make a six figure profit for the night. And if you think he is walking around to "40 or 50" friends at the end of the night trying to collect cash to cover a $2 million dollar bill, we have a bridge we would like to sell you.
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