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A Bourbon At...Hill Country

Some things just go together: beer and pizza, champagne and caviar?bourbon and barbeque. No place does this adage ring more true than at Hill Country, a Texas-themed barbeque joint located in the newly branded neighborhood fashionably known as NoMad. Walking into Hill Country, it is difficult not to be overwhelmed by the thick and tangy smell of barbeque. The odor palpably lingers in the air like smoke at a Phish Concert, except at Hill Country, barbecue is the drug.


A Bourbon At?is sponsored by our friends at Basil Hayden’s Bourbon. Basil Hayden’s is handcrafted, light-bodied and aged longer with twice as much rye to produce an incredibly approachable, sophisticated and luxurious bourbon. It’s spicy. Unexpected. And full of potential. Just like your plans tonight.

Hill Country’s bourbon list reads like a well-appointed jukebox; it contains all the classics along with a few surprises. No matter which bourbon you choose to enjoy, each one pairs excellently with the mouth-watering barbecue fare. The smoky flavor and honeyed sweetness of the bourbon enhances the complimentary flavors of the barbecue while the acidity of the bourbon helps to cut the richness of the food?and believe me, it’s rich.

Even if you’re not looking to inhale some of New York City’s best barbeque, there is still plenty of reason to head over to Hill Country. On almost any night of the week, you can enjoy live music in the basement bar of the rock/blues/country variety, an ode to the thriving Austin music scene. And just like the food that Hill Country serves, the music goes down much easier with a little bourbon.

Hill Country BBQ

30 W 26th Street, New York, NY 10010 Visit Website

Hill Country

30 West 26th St., New York, NY