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Todd English's Daughter: Cupcake Maker to the Stars

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While Todd English has been busy opening up restaurants and posing for funny photos in the hull of a steamboat, his 16-year-old daughter Isabelle has been quietly operating a cupcake company 'Curly's Cakes', whose creations are sold at her dad's new food court in the Plaza Hotel. Although her business is only a few months old at this point, apparently it already has one big name fan: Katie Holmes.

Husband Tom Cruise told People about Katie's snacking habits, noting: "She loves cupcakes, okay?... I mean, the girl loves cupcakes." Now we learn that while Katie was up in Canada shooting a miniseries about Jackie O, she had a batch of Isabelle's red velvet and grasshopper cupcakes Fedexed all the way from New York City, because she just absolutely had to have them to stuff in her face. This means that either A) the cupcakes in Canada are terrible, B) there aren't any cupcakes in Canada, or C) Isabelle is pushing some serious stuff.

Either way, getting the B-List wife of an A-List actor to have your cupcakes flown internationally to a film set is a pretty great way to build some buzz for your dessert brand. Our suggestion: team up with that Greg Grossman kid and start a youth centric catering company to the stars.

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The Plaza Food Court

1 West 59th st. New York, NY