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SuperDive Goes For Some Kind Of Record

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In what must be some kind of record for appearing on the emailed agenda, the immortal SuperDive is once again on the Community Board 3 calendar to request a transfer of their controversial liquor license. But will the infamous bar bother to show up this time? If the past twelve months are any indication, the answer to that question is most likely no. But whoever is thinking about showing up will still be going for a transfer and the once rumored alterations to the kitchen and bar.

Also of note:
· The recently renovated Stromboli's is looking to add beer and wine to it's new outdoor cafe.
· The recently divorced Daniel Boulud is planning to open a sidewalk cafe at DBGB, joining the neighboring Pulino's and Double Crown in offering some noisy outdoor seating.
· The recently renamed Cheap Shots is looking for a renewal of its liquor license, something that the CB will surely love to reject.

All in all, August 16 should be a real doozy of a meeting. Set your calendars.
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