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Top Chef D.C. Episode 7: He Who Peas Wins

To thoroughly enjoy the glory that is Top Chef D.C., we welcome comedian Max Silvestri, who will be here every week to take us through season seven.


This week's episode is entitled "Power Lunch" because it's still the 1980's up in here. I thought no one had expense accounts anymore? Hopefully certainly not anyone in Washington. Remember when Gordon Gecko said, "lunch is for wimps"? No one told all the wimps in this episode. When I hear "power lunch" I think it means we can expect lots of very expensive, mediocre food served to garbage people wearing suits. And I am mostly right about that! (And when I say "garbage people," I am not saying the politically correct version of "garbage men." I mean people who happen to be human garbage, but honestly who are probably also men.)

Also, as promised by the teaser for this episode last week, there is going to be lots of drama involving a pea puree. I can't wait for a showdown between Ed and Alex over who stole the peas! It is going to be like a Harrison Ford thriller up in here I imagine. Gimme back my peas! Get off my peaplane! There is a clear and present danger of me not being able to serve my peas. I am pea-sumed innocent. (Sorry about that last one. I mean, sorry about all of them.)

They better all get it together because there are lots of "famous" DC people there. >>>

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