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Shitshow Week 2010 Is Almost Here and We Need Your Help!

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, next week is Shitshow Week 2010. It's the time of year to remember that as much as New York is the stage for the very best restaurants in the world, it is equally a city for the worst. There are bad restaurants, there are mediocre restaurants, uncomfortable restaurants, sad restaurants, and then there are shitshows—restaurants that defy all logic, that are so utterly and completely off the rails that it can't be chalked up to simple ineptitude. This is the week when we celebrate these colossal restaurant blunders.

The third annual Shitshow Week promises to be the biggest one yet — we've got some new features, special guests, and tons of surprises lined up. But we can't do it all alone. As a part of the festivities we're going to be highlighting the worst outdoor seating in New York, and we need your suggestions and photos. And if you've got any candidates for the Deathwatch, or any tales of horrendous restaurant rip-offs, ludicrously bad service, or crazy industry freak outs, by all means, share them with us. And stay tuned for tomorrow, when we reprieve a couple of restaurants that have long been on the Deathwatch (we need to make room in the hospice for the carnage of next week). Shitshow Week starts on Monday, the tipline is open and operators are standing by.
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