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Would You Dine in a B or C Grade Restaurant?

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There's been a lot of talk today of the newly implemented Dept. of Health letter grades. Graded inspections have begun, thousands of A, B, and C signs have been printed out at the DOH's sweaty office, and the DOH launched a new website, complete with Google street views. Now that restaurants around town will be getting their scarlet letters, it's time to ask, will if affect dining decisions? Sure, it will be a surprise if three or four star restaurants score under an A, but for neighborhood joints, ethnic joints, far flung food courts in Flushing, will it change the minds of the people who dine there? In LA, many—including Jonathan Gold and Anthony Bourdain—welcome Bs and Cs. Meanwhile, many restaurateurs will argue the system is so rife with flaws that a B grade may not really reveal all that much. Still, the signs can be translating to Dine at Your Own Risk. Diners, what say you?

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