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Gin-Centric Dutch Restaurant Vandaag Now Soft-Open

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Last week Diner's Journal reported the arrival of the genever/gin-centric Vandaag, a Northern European bier restaurant/bakery in the old, hallowed, Bounce Deuce space on 2nd Avenue and East 6th St. A walkby this afternoon reveals that the restaurant, from Brendan Spiro of Quality Restaurant Corp. and chef Phillip Kirschen-Clark (formerly of wd~50, Jimmy's No.43, Pegu Club and Corton), is soft-open right this minute for lunch, serving their smattering of smørrebrøds (open-faced sandwiches) and other Scandinavian fare until 4 PM.

Breakfast is already up and running, with in-house bakery treats and local coffee from Plowshares Coffee Roasters. Dinner, however, is two weeks away, but when it starts, the hours will be 5 - 11 PM.
· Genever and Dutch Food at Vandaag [DJ]
—Zachary Feldman


103 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website


103 2nd Ave., New York, NY

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