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Daniel Angerer Moves Forward with Austrian Sausage Resto

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Last fall, during the New York Wine & Food Festival, Klee chef Daniel Angerer (yes, he's the breast milk cheese guy) revealed that he's planning a new restaurant for Chelsea. Clocking in at just 500 square feet, the sausage driven restaurant will cater to the casual diner, Angerer said, and will serve sausages unlike those you find at Crif or DBGB. The plan was for counter service and just a handful of tables.

Nine months later, and the chef notes that he's finally deep into recipe development. On his blog, Angerer shares pictures of three future menu items—duck sausage seasoned with coriander and fennel seeds, pork sausage spiced with cumin seeds and majoran with horseradish mustard, and little Japanese beef links with rainbow radish curls and blueberry mustard—offers recipes, shows off his new equipment and says he'll be serving "handcrafted sausages made with some of the best meats you can find produced in small batches in-house." Sounds like a win.
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