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Sifton to Weigh in on DeLucie's Clubby Newcomer The Lion

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A tipster reveals that tomorrow (or more likely, late this afternoon) Sam Sifton's review of John DeLucie's clubby downtown restaurant The Lion will go live.

Will he rip it apart, a la Adam Platt this week, offering it a goose egg for its undemocratic attitude, unimpressive food? Or will he, like Jay Cheshes and Steve Cuozzo softy chide the place and revel in its scene while noting a certain surprise at the capability of the chef? It's true, he did give the goose to La Caprice and Kenmare, both in the same genus as The Lion. So of course, a Fair or Poor rating is in play. But online and anecdotal evidence suggests this place isn't a complete botch job, and according to our tipster, Sifty was supposedly "spotted every time and had a great time," giving a slight edge to the one star bet.

THE LINE: Goose Egg: 3 - 1; One Star: 2-1; Two Stars: 15 - 1; Three Stars: 100-1, Four Stars: 25,000-1. [The Lion Reviewed, NYT; ~ after 6 PM]

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The Lion

62 West Ninth Street, New York, NY 10011 Visit Website

The Lion

62 West 9th St., New York, NY

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