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Royale Now The Fifth Estate; Picnick Smoked Truck Returns

SOUTH SLOPERoyale a popular South Slope bar has reopened after renovations as The Fifth Estate. Says a poster on Brooklynian: "All new bar and stools. Taps haven't even been put in yet. All the booths are gone...those in the back room are now little stools and the wonky one up front with the pole driven through the table is now a racecar-themed pinball machine....No sign of the ping pong table." [Brooklynian]

BURGERTIME— Metromix takes a look at five burger deals across New York and judges them based on money saved and deliciousness of the meal. [Metromix]

FIDI— Midtown Lunch reports that the Picnick Smoked BBQ truck has returned to FiDi. It's now located on 1 State St. [ML]

GRILLINGFirst, he revealed the frauds and fallacies of the barbecue world for Eater, and now food writer and meatopian Josh Ozersky is exposing the world of grilling over at Time. Ways you are messing up your cookout: using a gas grill, cooking the meat too fast, peeking at the meat too much, under-seasoning, and using too much sauce, which, according to Ozersky, is "the last refuge of a scoundrel." [-E-, Time]

Picnick Smoked

1 State St., New York, NY

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