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230 Fifth Prohibits Flip Flops, Stripes, Plain T-Shirts for Brunch

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A required jacket a '21' Club is one thing. As is a no sneakers policy at Bouley, the no shorts rule at Le Bernardin. But the dress code for brunch at often fratty roof bar 230 Fifth is even more confounding than the bouncer's bahavior at funny gastropub Rabbit in the Moon. From their website:

Nice dress jeans, sneakers and a collared polo shirt are fine, but torn, ripped or baggy jeans and plain t-shirts are not permitted. Also not permitted are flip-flops, athletic wear (sneakers are fine), any bold or brightly colored shirts or other brightly colored or boldly striped clothing, any shirts with writing on them, and any other attire that is not in keeping with an upscale environment.
Keep in mind, this is the "upscale environment" that hands out snuggies when it's cold. Writes a tipster, "Do they have to spell it out like this because their Thursday through Saturday night crowds are such total db's? Or do they create the environment with rules like this that somehow attracts only total db's."
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230 Fifth

230 Fifth Ave., New York, NY